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Mountain View High School

Principal: Markee Ramirez

3500 Mountain Lion Drive Loveland, CO 80537
Phone: 970 613-7800

Welcome to Mountain View High School, Home of the Mountain Lions!

I am excited to begin the school year and to meet the students, staff, parents and community who make up Mountain View.

My first commitment to you is to listen and learn, fostering my overall goal of understanding the culture of Mountain View, the traditions that have made MVHS a quality place to learn, and the ways in which we may work together to elevate Mountain View.  The Google definition of “elevate” is to “raise or lift up to a higher position”. What I know about MVHS in my short time here so far is that it is already a very good high school which is respected in the area and beyond. However, working together, we will ELEVATE MVHS to be truly great!

On behalf of the staff of MVHS, I invite you to embrace new challenges and celebrate our successes. Our efforts this year will be to work together with stakeholders to make a positive difference by setting high standards for students and adults alike, by providing support to ensure successes and to learn from failures, and by assessing and improving school climate and culture. We do this while also focusing on the development of career and college ready graduates who will be successful citizens of the world around them.

Please visit our website to get a snapshot of life at our school.  Exploring our links, you’ll find out more about curriculum, programs, and daily events at Mountain View. If you would like to contact me, my e-mail is You may also reach me by phone at 970-613-7800.


Mrs. Jane Harmon, Principal


  Mission: Learning--Anytime, Anywhere.

Motto:  PRIDE -  Be Present, Show Respect, Get Involved, Honor Diversity, Give Effort.

Belief Statement: Mountain View High School is all about CONNECTIONS... connections among students and teachers.  MVHS was built as a center-based school with a mission to prepare students with skills for the 21st century.

Colors: Purple, silver, and black

Founded:  2000

Additions:  2008 - auditorium, auxiliary gym, and Rabbit Ears Center

Mascot: Mountain Lion

Describe:  We have the best staff on earth (instructional and support staff)!  We are about caring relationships, high performance, 21st century learning, and academic rigor.  We are an iPad 1:1 implementation school. 

Stellar Points:  Loveland area Integrated School of the Arts (LISA) program with over 200 students; fantastic opportunities for students to become well-rounded citizens - arts, music, academics, AP and athletics; have a Peer Buddy program; pioneering high school for Positive Behavior and Intervention Support (PBiS).

Special Offerings:  LISA, Pre-Engineering Project Lead the Way, Gifted and Talented, concurrent enrollment classes, pre-AP/Honors and 17 Advance Placement courses, Honor Scholar diploma, LISA diploma, modern technology labs, ICAP 9-12 planning, and a state-of-the-art 550 seat performance auditorium.  We also offer Pro Start (a high school concurrent enrollment hospitality program).  MVHS is a leader in Special Olympics (MVHS works with Poudre School District to create an annual Larimer County Special Olympic event).

Extracurricular:  Enrichment activities include student leadership, LINK crew, two work experience programs: BWE--Business Work Experience and MWE--Marketing Work Experience, DECA for marketing, FBLA for business, FCCLA for consumer and family sciences, Technology Student of America, FCA, Art Club, Knitting Club, Interact, National Honor Society, Caught in the Act theater production group - part of a nationally-recognized theater program, and the Thespian Society Troupe #8169.  Other activities include 20 athletic opportunities, band, choir, community and service learning projects, and an extensive commitment to cocurricular activities.

Parent/Volunteer:  We have active parents in the School Accountability Advisory Committee (SAAC); parent volunteers are in the school daily; school-to-work experience programs; and activity booster clubs.

Partnerships/Grant Support:  Orthopaedic and Spine Center of the Rockies (districtwide support at athletic events), Erion Foundation, Loveland Sculpture Invitational, McWhinney Corporation, professional artists, musicians, performers, alumni, Rockley Family Foundation (musical instrument annual sales), Counselor Corp and Next Generation pilot work around competency based education.