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Yearbook Information

What is Yearbook?

Yearbook is a club that lets students capture their high school memories and publish them in a professional like manner. Students attend yearbook during 8th period as if it was a regular class, and then work on the pages outside of class. Students take photographs of the school year, people, school events, etc. to then organize and publish it as the school yearbook. You can sign up when you apply for registration for your future classes, or you can contact Matt Hall or other staff members and ask about joining.

There are many positive aspects that can come from joining Yearbook.  It gets students involved in doing something.  They can learn about and perform better in caption writing, story writing, interviewing, picture taking, creating layouts, designs, and general computer use.  Yearbook also helps students prepare for the real world.  It is a great resume builder and students learn about publishing, journalism and selling advertisements.  It will improve student's skills in time management, work ethic, business, and project work.

Contact: Mr. Hall