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The LISA program at Mountain View High School is a pathway for a student to earn a Thompson School District Honors Diploma through art integration.  The MVHS LISA program seeks a student that is passionate about the arts, that works and learns together with others as a community, and that reflects the philosophy of art integration. In reviewing applications for admission, the MVHS LISA faculty seeks evidence of the following qualities: passion for the arts, the commitment and self-discipline to advance in both artistic and academic studies at an honors level, and the ability to contribute to building a successful, supportive, and inclusive school community through art integration.

 APPLICATION PROCESS: The application process is designed to give all students the opportunity to demonstrate their passion, commitment, and potential for inclusiveness. Interested students, at all levels of prior arts experience, are encouraged to apply.

 ************* Application Deadline is Friday January 19th***************


MVHS LISA Application